Accommodations and Itinerary

We know you would like to understand what your son or daughter will be learning and where they will be staying.  In additional to the brochure you have received from the teacher organizing the trip, we will provide packets for the students which includes all flight information and hotel information, emergency contact information, and an an hourly itinerary for both the parents and the students.  Further, we believe your students will have a better travel experience if they stay in better accommodations.  We typically use only three to four-star accommodations.  On our international trips, roommates are assigned by student preference in twin or triple occupancy.  On domestic trips, roommates are assigned by student preference in twin, triple or quad occupancy.

Contact With Your Child
Many parents and students want to stay in touch while the student travels.  This is especially true for our international trips.  You will receive the telephone and fax numbers for every hotel.  Calling your child at the hotel in the late evening is still the best way to get in touch with your child.   While cell phone international usage fees and texting can become very expensive, many students are able to communicate with parents via Skype, Text-Free, or Facebook.  However, most hotels in Europe still charge a small fee for wi-fi access.

A trip is a large investment.  We offer travel insurance through an independent provider, CSA Travel Protection.  While we do not require travel insurance, we highly recommend it.  You will receive a travel insurance brochure in your welcome packet or can sign up for insurance on-line at  If you sign up on line, enter the Producer Code 8259469.  Or you can call CSA Travel Protection at (800) 348-9505.  If you are traveling and need assistance, call the 24-Hour Emergency Hotline at:  In the U.S.  (877) 243-4135 or call collect World Wide: (240) 330-1529.

Most tours have an excellent chaperone ratio of approximately one teacher per ten students.

Because safety is our number one concern, we are serious about helping the faculty maintain discipline.  In addition to any school rules, which may apply, we require all students and parents to sign a contract stating they will refrain from any drug or alcohol use, even in countries where they may be of age to consume alcohol.  We also require the parents sign a contract agreeing to retrieve the student from a tour if the student becomes a danger to himself/herself or others.  We are committed to ensure the tour remain safe and educational for all participants, both faculty and students.   These forms can be found under the applications tab on this website.